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8335B+33KF- Lightning fold

Paper Thickness: 100gsm-350gsm upto 400gsm for half fold

Min Paper Sizes: 140*150mm  or 45*135mm (Crease only with option)

Max Paper Sizes: 560*330 mm (L*W), 1200*330mm (Crease only with option)

Paper type: Non coated paper,coated paper,laminated paper

Crease line width:  Standard 1.0mm, Option 0.6/1.2/1.4mm

Min gap between creases: 0.1mm

Crease in one pass: 0-32 / sheet 

Fold type:  7 types Half/Zigzag/Letter/Gate/Offset/Double half/Gate with one crease

Speed: 100pcs/Min(A4/1 crease half fold) 

Crease Accuracy:  +/-0.2mm

Linear Perforate tools: 12/24 TPI, mount upto 8 sets in one single machine in standard.

Feeding: By top Suction

Infeed capacity :   100mm

Display & operation : Touch screen

Option: Linear perforater,

             Scoreing tools,

             Crease die 0.6/1.2/1.4mm ,

             Cross perf bar 12/24/52 TPI



As part of our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Crease/Perforate illustration

Crease+Fold illustration

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