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Drupa 2016
Release Time:2016-04-09 Hits:545

Drupa 2016   

May 31-June 10,2016.  Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Dumor Automation launched a series new project on Drupa 2016, which excited the dealership of the field. By which we enhanced our relationship with all old dealers, and established a many new dealership in different countries that i believe could drive Dumor Automation into a new stage.

Among all the new project, the Laminate-slit-Cutter is the most shocked one, which surprised not only End user and dealer, but also many competitor manufacturer in the filed.I believe it could be a new star of Dumor Automation in near future standing side by side with our Slit-Cut-Creaser projects.

The new technology SNIPER is another shock in the field, which bring many evaluation that Dumor Automation is now a pioneer rather than follower.

The new brand name Dekia for the first time shown on the international stage, our purpose for the new brand is to flexible our marketing strategy and movtiate the network.

Exhibition product list:

9375BSC-Sniper cut   Slit Cut Creaser

8335BSC-Multi Card   Slit Cut Creaser

331SCC-Gemini Cut   Slit Cut creaser

8335B+33KF- Lightning Fold   Crease folder

8335B-Lightning  Auto Creaser

335B- Multi Air  Auto Creaser

331 Gemini    Auto Creaser

LSC33/PSC33   Laminate-Slit-Cutter

SF25  Stitch Folder

EB215   Booklet maker

521  Window cutter

4*4 Storage cart

Cr68   Corner rounder

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