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Techno print 2015
Release Time:2015-09-19 Hits:194

Techno print 2015   

April 27th-30th ,2015 . Cario,Egypt. Booth No. A/5

Dumor Auto Creaser Lauched Egypt Market on Exhibition Technoprint hold on April 27th to 30th 2015 in Cario. 

Even though only one model 335B is shown, but it attract attentions a lot thanks to the compact design , multi functions , easy operation and accurate perforamance.

Almost all of the buyer or potentional buyer of Dumor product indicate that the reason why they choose dumor because Egyptian market in urgent need of some quality machine with affordable price to make quality print product so that lead people out of the wrong views of quality cost too much. They want to achive that Quality print product has no longer to be imported from Europe, but made in Africa native land. 

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