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Dumor Exhibitions in History
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Drupa 2016   

May 31-June 10,2016.  Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Dumor Automation launched a series new project on Drupa 2016, which excited the dealership of the field. By which we enhanced our relationship with all old dealers, and established a many new dealership in different countries that i believe could drive Dumor Automation into a new stage.

Among all the new project, the Laminate-slit-Cutter is the most shocked one, which surprised not only End user and dealer, but also many competitor manufacturer in the filed.I believe it could be a new star of Dumor Automation in near future standing side by side with our Slit-Cut-Creaser projects.

The new technology SNIPER is another shock in the field, which bring many evaluation that Dumor Automation is now a pioneer rather than follower.

The new brand name Dekia for the first time shown on the international stage, our purpose for the new brand is to flexible our marketing strategy and movtiate the network.

Exhibition product list:

9375BSC-Sniper cut   Slit Cut Creaser

8335BSC-Multi Card   Slit Cut Creaser

331SCC-Gemini Cut   Slit Cut creaser

8335B+33KF- Lightning Fold   Crease folder

8335B-Lightning  Auto Creaser

335B- Multi Air  Auto Creaser

331 Gemini    Auto Creaser

LSC33/PSC33   Laminate-Slit-Cutter

SF25  Stitch Folder

EB215   Booklet maker

521  Window cutter

4*4 Storage cart

Cr68   Corner rounder

Pamex 15   

Dec 9-12,2015.  Mumbai, India. 

Dumor product is exhibit in Pamex 15 hold in Mumbai ,India, by 2 of Dumor Dealers in Indian, Paper bind and Monotech.

Monotech shows Multi Card 8335BSC,335 Auto Creaser ,5375BFII Crease folder, EB215 Booklet maker, CR68 Corner rounder, Trident 36 Plus Laminator

Paper bind shows 5375SC Slit Cutter , 520 Auto Creaser , 330 Auto Creaser,4*4 Storge cart.

Fespa Eurasia  2015   

Dec 10-13,2015. CNR expo, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Dumor product is exhibit in Fespa Eurasia hold in Istanbul ,Turkey, by Dumor Turkeish dealer.

It shows dumor models like SF25, 5335, 335B, 5375BSC,CR68,

Pack Print international  2015   

Aug 26nd-28th,2015. Bangkok, Thailand. Booth No.2558

Print Pack international 2015 is hold on 26th-29th in Bangkok, Thailand, Dumor machine is exhibited with local Dealer Creation machine cooperation Limited under support of Dumor engineer Mr He,The exhibited machines are 5375BSC slit cut creaser, CR68 Corner rounder, 7100 Jogger, Trident 36 Plus Laminator, They win warmly attention due to the progresive functions, stable quality and convenient operation.

Fespa Africa and Sign Africa Expo 2015   

July 22nd-24th,2015. Jonesburg, South Africa. Booth No.H2 G01

2015 July, Dumor General manager assistant, Mr Ron Huang visited South Africa, under invitation of South africa Dealer  Trisave Hamada (PTY) LTD, for supporting the Exhibition ,Fespa Africa and Sign Africa Expo 2015 during 22nd-24th in Johanesburg,South Africa. It shows Dumor 5375BSC slit cut creaser, CR68 Corner rounder ,7300 Jogger, 335B Auto Creaser, 5375BFII Crease folder, The exhibition attracted visitors not only from South Africa, but also from neigbour countries like Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and even Nigeria.

The Dumor product attracted vast attentions from visitors, and  Trisave begin to talk with Dumor about the dealership among all neibour countries of South Africa after Fespa.


Techno print 2015   

April 27th-30th ,2015 . Cario,Egypt. Booth No. A/5

Dumor Auto Creaser Lauched Egypt Market on Exhibition Technoprint hold on April 27th to 30th 2015 in Cario. 

Even though only one model 335B is shown, but it attract attentions a lot thanks to the compact design , multi functions , easy operation and accurate perforamance.

Almost all of the buyer or potentional buyer of Dumor product indicate that the reason why they choose dumor because Egyptian market in urgent need of some quality machine with affordable price to make quality print product so that lead people out of the wrong views of quality cost too much. They want to achive that Quality print product has no longer to be imported from Europe, but made in Africa native land. 


Print China 2015   

April 7th-12th ,2015 . Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Booth No. 71009

Dumor Automation attended The third international printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) (Print China in short), which is one of the top 3 exhibition in Print industry. We newly launched the super fast Auto creaser Lightning, MOD 8335B with high speed, vast capcibility and special partial perforate function.The exhibition attracted vistors from all countries, including 50% of Dumor dealers, we enhanced the relationship with all old dealers and also established many new dealership from many new teritories.

Not only in Dumor on stand, but also we exhibit our machine in many of our partners, most of who are famous brand. The new Slit Cut creaser 8335BSC was show in Konika minota Booth, KM become our Local dealer of this model, Flexi cut 5375BSC was show in Ricoh Booth who is also one of the top Digital printer suppliers in the world.The flexifold 5375B+37KF crease fold was shown in Maufung company who is one the top manufacturer of photo industrial machines.

Mr Claus Otto Hohner, CEO of HOhner maschinenbau GMBH visited dumor stand, detailed viewed dumor Stitch folder SF25, which is equiped with Hohner head, Mr Hohner highly evaluated the design.


All In Print 2014   

Nov 14th-17th,2014 . Shanghai, China. Booth No.N2-C345

Dumor Automation attended The 5th China International Exhibition for all printing technology & Equipment (All in Print in short), which is one of the top 3 exhibition in Print industry. 


Expo Print 2014   

July 16th-22nd,2014 .Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Booth No.144-B

In order to explorer the South America Market, Dumor Automation attended Expo print in Sao paulo Brazil, on July 16th-22nd, 2014.  We brought new sincery of Digital print finishers to the market, and splendidly show following items: Auto Creaser 520 335 335B, Booklet maker EB115, Bander D400, Paper folder EF210, Laminator Trident 36 Plus. All machine were sold in Brazil, and we establish dealership not only in Brazil, but also  in Uraguay, Argentina, Pero, we also enhance the relationship with Dealer in Chile.


Print 13 2013   

Sept 8th-12nd,2013.Chicago , USA.  Booth No.3509

Dumor supported North American dealer Graphic whizard on the exhibition print 13 in Chicago USA. In this exhibition, Dumor 5375BSC slit cut creaser offically land on North American market, and give big pressure to the competitor, the sales strong momenturn last for long time.

China Print 2013   

May 14th-18th, Beijing, China.  Booth No. W4-001

The  Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition ,short for China print is one of the tops 3 exhibition in print industry,Dumor Automation attend the 8th of it on May 2013, in this exhibition, we launched new Swift MOD 330, the most cost effective and compact auto Creaser.

We invited all our domestic dealer to support in the exhibition to receive all visitors from all province of China, besides, it also attracted a lot of foreign visitors from all places.

Drupa 2012   

May 3th-16th, Dusseldorf , Germany.  Booth No. 13A-92

It is the first time for Dumor attened the worldwide stage to competite with worldwide brands. Our presence changed the international view of China product, and all products and ideas attract very vast attention globally.

The ehibition is very important and meanningful according to the effect after it, it not only help us to establish dealership on many teritory, but also make Dumor brand bright and positive. It helps our marketing a lot thereafter because everytime when they hear about Dumor, they are reminded positively.

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