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The Chairman Speach on the dinner for Conferance of Dealers and New product in 2014


Dearest Dealers


I know everyone is a little tired after a whole day meeting. Today we had very good day in Shenzhen, and it is our first Dealer conferance with the conference for the new products, by which we shew Dumor company image,introduced our past, and our plan and marketing stratage in the new year, including new products. We had wide and deep comminication, by which i believe, you had further knowledge to Dumor. It is our first time in company history, should be marked.


    I think the conferance is successful, the estimated purpose is reached. Thank you again for your attending with your precious time.Thank you again.


    Also thank you for your always support. Our company is not one with long history, but we are with a great dream.We want to create a top company, we want to produce top products,we want to make a centural company, it is our dream and our goal.We hope to get your support and help on the way to the dream. On the other hand, we will try our best to offer you something, to develop each other ,to promote each other with a both-win purose. It is our basic idea on the cooperation with dealers.


    There is an old saying.It is better to offer fishing than offer fish. We will not just offer product to dealer, but also offer the solution for sale and the idea to manage a company, with which the coopertion can be much more firm, with a same developing idea.It is my fundamental purpose, to deeper and longer our relationship.


    The most important words i want to say, which you will understand better after our cooperation become longer: A company just offer product shall not be a top company, we should offer ideas so that the road shall be wider and longer.


    Thank you everyone.

    I propose everybody rise your glass, cheers for the health and good companies.!Cheers!


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