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mini 33

Infeed size:  Min 50mmx90mm

                      Max 330mmx650mm
Thickness:  100g-350g
Paper type: Laminated,UV coated,Chrome
Crease width: 1.0mm as standard,1.2/1.4mm option
Crease accuracy :  +-0.3mm
Crease speed  :   30 pc/min (A4 one crease)
Crease time in one pass  :  1-6 times
Min first crease :  5mm
Min gap of last carese and tail :  50mm
Infeed type :  Manual
Crease adjustment :  Crease depth,crease width,Skew adjustment
Control panel  :  LCD screen and keyboard
Count :  up and down
Memory :  30

-Intellegence for swift reaction

-Precision for crease quality

-Convenrece for easy operation

-Compact design for cost effectio


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