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8335B-Lightning / 8336B Lightning pro (Two similar models)

Crease width: 1.0mm standard,0.4/0.6/1.2/1.4mm option
Paper type: Chrome, laminated,UV coated etc.
Speed: 8000 sheets/hour(A4/1 crease)
Perforate options: Cross perf (6/8/12/24/52TPI) Linear perf(8/12/24/48TPI),Linear partial perf(8/12/24/48TPI)
Voltage: 110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Crease/Perf : 32 times
Accuracy: ±0.3mm
Loading capacity: 100mm
Paper weight: 0.1-0.35mm
 Min infeed sizes with Option Feeders:  45*130mm (narrow feeder option) ,8336B: 90*90mm (Short feeder option),

45*90mm (Mini feeder option)
Max infeed sizes with Option: 300*1200mm (Extention table option)
Air source: Fan (8335B,Suction) , Blower (8336B,Suction) 
Bookcover mode: 8335B
Progressive Crease: 8335B
Image Shrink/Stretch/Compensation: 8335B

As part of our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

-Top suction pile feeder
-Noiseless blower
-High capacity loading table
-High speed infeed
-Feed super narrow/super long paper (option)
-Partial perforation (option)
-Crease depth/skew adjustment
-7 inch color touch screen
-Slide-in tools for easy exchange

The Progressive crease function only for 8336B

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