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Stitch Folder SF3000

Infeed size: 148*210mm-330*480mm (saddle stitch),297*130mm-330*230mm (side stitch)
Infeed: SF2500 Manual feed,SF3000Can be connected to feeder for automatic infeed
Fold type: Knife fold
Speed: 2000 books/hour
Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Stitch thickness: 2-25 sheets (70gsm) for saddle stitch,2.6mm for side stitch
Operation Display: LCD screen and control panel
220V, 50/60Hz

-Stitch heads position adjustable
-Stitch and fold in one pass
-Stitch wire as consumable
-Saddle stitch, side stitch
-Outfeed conveyor
-Side jog and back jog
-LCD touch screen and keyboard
-Can be equipped with Deluxe or low cost stitch heads
-Can be connected to collator or feeder for automatic infeed
-Can be connected with trimmer